Amplify Fitness


Since 2007 Amplify Fitness has combined bodywork and coaching to expand the possibilities for athletes challenged by the threshold for greater improvements.

Amplify Fitness plans an overhaul suited for each individual athlete based on a needs analysis.

Customization is key to overcome stagnation. Data is tracked.  Feedback is recorded.  Modifications are made.

We eliminate that which does not have you reap the rewards of your total effort.

Whether your passion is team sports or solo athletic pursuits, you can redefine your progress.

We shift the paradigm of possibility with amplified results.


Fitness Coaching

Whether you are highly skilled athlete or enthusiastic about improving your overall fitness, our personalized coaching program will inspire and invigorate while taking you to the next level.  From a needs analysis to detailed explanations of functional movement to motivation during challenging workouts that yield results, we're here to ensure there are no cookie-cutter approaches to your goals.

  • 30 minute to 60 minute coaching sessions are available.
  • Group coaching is available at a discount for up to 6 people.
  • Package pricing is available for multiple sessions.
  • There are no additional travel or setup fees.

Massage Therapy

As a compliment to exercise, massage promotes your body's recovery process.  Each session is customized to your needs at the time of each session.  Tapotement, sports massage, active and passive stretching, lymph drainage, myofascial release, and deep tissue therapy are just some of the integrated techniques implemented to maximize the benefits of each massage.

  • 30 minute or 60 minute massages are available.
  • Package pricing is available for multiple prescheduled sessions.
  • Group massages are bundled at a discount for your event.
  • There are no additional travel or setup fees.

Life is a sport.  Train hard.  Rest well.  Eat smart.  Reap the rewards.